An Outside Hitter in Volleyball

Volleyball is a sport that anyone, regardless of size or strength, can participate in. This is because the game relies heavily on teamwork and strategic planning. But one player on the court has a significant role – the outside hitter. The outside hitter is responsible for attacking the ball at the net, and they can make or break a team’s chances of winning. The outside hitter is the player who plays on the front-left side of the court. They are also called the strong side or power hitters. This player has a lot of responsibility on both offense and defense.

So if you’re thinking about playing volleyball or are just curious about what this position entails, read on!

An Outside Hitter Must Possess

An outside hitter in volleyball is an essential player on the court. They need good hand-eye coordination, height, speed, and agility. They must also be able to hit the ball with power and accuracy. Outside hitters must be able to play defense and be quick enough to block any balls coming their way.

Starting Position

She usually stands in the middle or right front positions before rotating to the left side once the serve crosses the net.

The outside hitter must have a strong arm and generate a lot of power to spike the ball past the block.

Play Development

The outside hitter has to know where all the other hitters are on the court, and she calls out plays to her teammates. Then, she keeps an eye out for the setter on the other team and sets up a block for the middle blocker. If the other team’s setter is in the front row, the outside hitter can help stop a dump.

Setting the Block

When you’re the outside hitter in volleyball, you need to know where the ball is set and adjust your block accordingly.

If the ball is set to the side, do what your coach tells you to do with the line shot. This will help you put the block in the right place, close to her and early enough so that the middle can see her.

Running down and weakening the chances of a solid block will only hinder your performance. So, make sure to be aware of your surroundings and act accordingly!

Before the Serve

In volleyball, the outside hitter is responsible for passing the ball to the setter to start the offense. They must be aware of the play and what their teammates are going for to make a good pass. They also need to concentrate on the server and getting an excellent pass to the setter.

After the Pass

Once the ball is passed, move to the left side, just outside the court, and be ready if the setter comes to you.

If you are an outside hitter, you need to be in a position to receive a pass from your teammate. You should be standing on the court’s left side, just outside the playing area. This way, you will be in a good position to hit the ball if it is set to you by the setter.

If the ball is not set to you, you need to move to the hitter in position to receive the ball. It would be best if you were standing behind this player in case they get blocked by the opposing team. If the other team manages to get the ball past your block, you will be in a good position to hit it and return it over the net.

Six Great Traits of Outside Hitter

An outside hitter in volleyball is a player who specializes in attacking the ball from the back row. They are usually some of the tallest players on the team, and they have to be very agile to jump up and hit the ball over the net. Outside hitters need a lot of stamina because they constantly run back and forth across the court.

Some of the best outside hitters have the following six great traits:

1. Height

Most of the time, the outside hitter is not the tallest player on the team, but they do attack a lot. Height helps because it lets you hit over blocks and figure out how to attack from the best angle. The strong side often hits into a block from the other team’s setter, so any height advantage helps. The opponent is easier to defend at the net for a taller player.

2. Agility

The outside hitter in volleyball is often required to go from one responsibility to the next very quickly. This requires elite athleticism, as they must be agile enough to block one second and then dig the next. This agility also allows the outside hitter to be one of the best players on the court regarding defense. They can quickly react to any situation and make a play that could save the point.

The outside hitter must also be a powerful player. They are typically the ones who are responsible for hitting the ball over the net and into the opposing team’s court. This requires a lot of upper body strength and excellent hand-eye coordination. The outside hitter must be able to time their swings ideally to get the most power behind the ball. This can be a very effective weapon for any team when done correctly.

The outside hitter is a vital position on any volleyball team. They must be highly athletic, agile, powerful, and skilled. If you are considering playing this position, know it will require a lot of hard work and dedication. But, if you are up for the challenge, it can be a very rewarding experience.

3. Power

In volleyball, an outside hitter is someone who makes their name by attacking the ball. They do, however, bear a significant amount of passing responsibility. Along with the libero, the outside will drop into serve receive to help with passing. To begin the offense, the person playing the strong side is expected to make a consistent, accurate pass to the setter. Furthermore, the outside will frequently drop into defensive coverage and must be prepared to effectively dig opponent attacks.

The outside hitter plays a pivotal role in volleyball, needing to be able to attack and defend well. They are responsible for providing a consistent, accurate pass to the setter to start the offense and must also be able to dig opponent attacks when they come effectively. Outside hitters need to have good stamina and think quickly on their feet to succeed.

4. Strong Eye Contact

An outside hitter in volleyball must be aware of the opposing team’s offense. They must be able to read the opponent and anticipate their next move to succeed.

Additionally, they must be great communicators with their middle blockers, letting them know what the other team is trying to do offensively. This knowledge allows the middle blocker to be in the best position to protect the net.

Lastly, outside hitters must have the power to hit the ball over the net and onto the opposing team’s side with force. This can be difficult since they are usually positioned further away from the net than other players. However, if done correctly, it can be a very effective way to score points.

5. Right Handed

Being right-handed is an advantage for the outside hitter in volleyball. This allows them to hit the ball in a natural motion without crossing their body, allowing for more power and an increased opportunity for a kill.

6. Speed

In volleyball, it’s often up to the outside hitter to fix plays that have gone wrong. This could be a bad pass that leads to a bad set or a misunderstanding that throws the whole play off. The outside hitter must be ready to make something out of nothing, which often means hitting high sets to the hitter on the solid side.

The outside hitter position is one of the most important in volleyball. This player must be able to react quickly and efficiently to any situation on the court to keep the play alive. They often find themselves in a position to make or break the point and must have steel nerves. Outside hitters must also be able to hit the ball with power and accuracy to keep the opposing team on their toes.

Responsibilities of An Outside Hitter

1. Get In Position To Hit The Ball

The outside hitter is responsible for getting ready to hit the ball no matter where it is set. They have the advantage of being able to hit the ball cross-court, which gives them more space to make a play. They are expected to make a good swing no matter how good or where the set is.

Outside hitters must have good stamina as they constantly run around the court. They need to make quick decisions and have good hand-eye coordination.

2. Protect The Setter In The Back Row

If the setter chooses to set the three-meter or ten-foot line, the back-row strong-side hitter usually hits the ball.

This is another case where people on the outside must always know what is going on inside.

They can’t just take it easy on offense from the back row. The outside hitter’s job is to protect the setter in the back row and keep an eye out for any attacks from the other team.

This position is significant in volleyball because it often distinguishes between a point and a service ace.

3. Hit The Ball With Power And Accuracy

As an outside hitter in volleyball, you play a significant role on the team.

Your primary responsibility is to set the block for the middle blocker on plays coming towards your end of the net. This means you must know what the other team is doing and make quick decisions based on the coaching staff’s instructions.

You must also penetrate the net and hold your own against the other team. If you don’t set the block correctly, it can quickly become ineffective and allow the other team a more accessible opportunity to score.

Being an outside hitter requires quick thinking, good decision-making, and the ability to execute under pressure. If you have these qualities, you can be a valuable asset to any volleyball team.

4. Attack The Ball When It Is Served To Them

An outside hitter is a player who typically assists the libero with serve receive duties and is responsible for passing. They are also in charge of blocking and hitting, making them one of the most versatile players on the court.

An excellent first pass usually means a good offense, so a questionable passer cannot play on the solid side. Rotations put them in a position to pass on defense when they are in the back row or not setting a block. So, the outside hitter has to be one of the best players.

5 Things You Can Do To Be A Better Outside Hitter

1. Energetic

An outside hitter in volleyball must have excellent flexibility and explosiveness. They need to be able to jump high, dive down low, and move side to side quickly. This makes them more explosive on the court and stands out from the competition.

2. Powerful Hitter

An outside hitter in volleyball is someone responsible for attacking the ball from the strong side of the court. Because opponents are rarely surprised with their attack, they will always be prepared for them.

To be successful, an outside hitter must have a mighty swing and be able to overpower their opponent. Strengthening the core is essential to providing the hitting power that an outside hitter needs. By focusing on strengthening the core, an outside hitter can become great.

3. Dynamic Approach

An outside hitter is a volleyball player who generally plays in the front row, opposite the setter. They are usually the most athletic player on the team and are expected to be able to hit any ball that comes their way. This means they must be prepared for bad sets; not all sets will be perfect and allow for ideal approach steps.

However, great outside hitters can use a variety of approaches to still generate power, even on bad sets. This makes them essential players on the team.

An outside hitter’s primary responsibility is to attack the ball. They will also block when necessary and serve occasionally. Outside hitters are typically the tallest players on the team and have a lot of power. They need to be able to hit the ball over the net with a lot of force for their team to score points.

While outside hitters are typically the best athletes on the team, they still need excellent technique to succeed. This means they need to have good footwork and arm swing. They also need to be able to read the game well to know where the ball will be and how to best approach it.

Overall, outside hitters are vital players on a volleyball team. They need to have good power and technique to be successful. Without them, it would be difficult for a team to score points and win games.

4. Come Up With Different Shots

In volleyball, the strong side is often the side of the court where the ball is set. This can be difficult to play, as you may see some ugly sets.

However, if you are an outside hitter, it’s crucial to have a variety of shots that you can use to turn a bad situation into a good one. You can put topspin and sidespin on the ball without using a full swing, allowing you to attack still even if a standard approach and swing are impossible. This can be key to becoming a successful outside hitter.

5. Pass The Ball Around To Everyone

An outside hitter who consistently hits the same shot is extremely easy to defend. When an opponent is out of position, the best outside hitters take whatever shot is available. Players who struggle to hit outside shots frequently use the cross-court shot.

They don’t have confidence in their ability to hit the ball down the line or anywhere else on the court. The strong side hitter must be able to hit the shot that is most likely to land on the court.

Confidence is vital for any outside hitter. If an outside hitter is constantly hitting the same shot, the opponent will be able to predict and defend it easily. The best outside hitters can take advantage of any opportunity that opens up. When the opponent is out of position, an excellent outside hitter will know which shot to take to score. This requires not only skill but also a good understanding of the game.


Is Outside Hitter A Good Position In Volleyball?

The outside hitter is someone who attacks from the left antenna. They need good jumping ability. The outside hitter is often the leading player in the offensive and does most of the attack hits.

Is An Outside Hitter A Spiker?

The left-handed spiker is commonly known as the outside hitter, while the right-handed spiker is called the opposite hitter.

What Do Outside Hitters Do?

The outside hitter is the player who hits and blocks on the front left side of the court. They help to block the other team’s shots and also help to pass the ball to other players so they can make a final hit.

Why Is It Called Outside Hitter?

This player is also called a left-side hitter. She is one of the prominent people who pass the ball and try to hit it. She gets to hit the ball when she is on offense. This is because the ball goes to the outside most of the time when there is a bad pass.

What Makes A Good Outside Hitter?

To be a successful outside hitter, you must be very flexible and explosive. This means you must work on your jumping and diving skills and volleyball skills.

How Many Outside Hitters Are There In Volleyball?

There are usually two people who play outside. They need good jumping skills, and they also need to be powerful. But they also need other skills. They need to be able to pass well and play defense well.

How Do I Become A Better Outside Hitter?

To improve your skills as an outside hitter in volleyball, you must strengthen and increase your vertical jump. You must also refine your hitting techniques and learn new shots to be successful. Additionally, you need to add power and finesse to your game while being able to place shots accurately in competitive situations.

When Should An Outside Hitter Start Their Approach?

Your outsides (players who play near the net) should start at least 10 feet away from the net and be at least one step outside the court. This will help them to read and go straight to the ball without ever hesitating on their approach.

What Is A Good Vertical For An Outside Hitter?

Vertical jump height is an essential statistic for hitters in volleyball. On average, right-side hitters and middle blockers have a vertical jump height of about 19-20 inches.

Who Is The Shortest Outside Hitter In College Volleyball?

Deme Morales is different than most outside hitters. She is shorter than most people who play that position. She is just 5-feet 7-inches tall.

How Tall Is A Female Outside Hitter?

A female outside hitter is typically about 5′ 10″-6’0″ tall.

How Tall Is A Male Outside Hitter?

Because they often spike the ball, outside hitters are taller than other players on the team. They are usually shorter than the middle blocker or opposite hitter. The average height of an Olympic men’s outside hitter is about 6’5.7″ or 197.5 cm tall.

How Tall Are Professional Outside Hitters?

The D1 height for an outside hitter is 6 feet 3.7 inches. The D3 height is 6 feet 1.5 inches. 

Final Thoughts

The outside hitter is an integral part of any volleyball team. They need to have certain qualities to be successful on the court. 

-We’ve looked at six great traits of an outside hitter and their responsibilities. -Do you have what it takes to be an outside hitter? Read this article.

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