Volleyball Chants and Cheers

Chants and Cheers Before the Game

Chants and Cheers Before the Game
Chants And Cheers Before Game

It’s normal to feel some apprehension before a high school sporting team, regardless of whether the players you support are newcomers or veterans.

Therefore, the following cheers and chants will energize the team and put them in a mindset where they can confidently count on the crowd’s support right from the start.

  1. We’re fired up were sizzling.
    We’re turning up the heat.
    Cause when it comes to volleyball
    We can’t be beat!
  2. Stomp, Stomp
    Clap, clap, clap
    [Team name] is ready tonight!
    Stomp, stomp
    Clap, clap, clap
    To bump, set, spike!
  3. We’re number one
    Can’t be number 2
    And we’re going to beat.
    The whoopse out of you!
  4. Together we stand
    Together we fall,
    Together we’re winners.
    And winners take all.
  5. Hustle
    Never quit
  6. Good. Better. Best.
    Never let it rest
    Until your good is better
    And your better is best.
  7. Together we stand
    Together we fall
    All for one
    And one for all.
  8. 2,4,6,8
    Who do we appreciate
    Not the king
    Not the queen
    Only the (team mascot) volleyball team
  9. You may be good at soccer
    You may be good at track.
    But when it comes to volleyball.
    You better watch your back!
  10. Coming together is a beginning.
    Staying together is progress.
    And working together is a success.
  11. Together we stand
    Divided we fall
    Where we go one
    We go all
  12. Hey Hey
    You get out of our way.
    Today is the day
    We will put you away!
  13. Watch out. We’re here
    Everyone stand clear
    Let’s shout
    Let’s cheer
    Our girls to victory
    Go [Team Name]
  14. Let’s get physical
    Get down, get hard, get mean.
    Let’s get physical
    And beat that other team!
  15. Bump
    Keep those [opposing team name]
    On the floor!
  16. We’ve got a team that’s hotter than hot!
    How hot is hot?
    Let me show you what we’ve got!
    Bumping, setting, and spiking too,
    So hit the ball like we know you can do!
  17. We’ll B-E-A-T beat em.
    We’ll B-U-S-T bust em.
    Beat em bust em; that’s our custom!
  18. We don’t need no music.
    We don’t need a band.
    All we need is [team name] fans
    Jamming in the stands
    Jamming in the stands!
  19. Let’s Get Physical
    Get Down, Get Rough, Get mean.
    Let’s Get Physical
    And Beat that other team.
  20. (Team Name)’s got the rhythm.
    (Team Name)’s got the motion.
    And when we get together.
    We cause a commotion.
  21. You gotta want it
    To win it
    And we want it more


Serving Cheers and Chants

An ace is scored in volleyball when the ball is served to the opposing team and either received by a player on the receiving unit and immediately placed in the opponent’s court without being touched, or the receiving player serves the ball but is unable to maintain it in play.

Check out the following cheers and chants for when an ace is served:

Ace Cheers and Chants
Ace Cheers

Ace Cheers

  1. Kiss my ace!
  2. (Player’s name) ain’t no buttercup
    She knows how to serve it up.
    Watch her make that volleyball soar.
    She’s gonna help our team to score!
  3. Find the empty space.
    Serve that ace
  4. You better duck
    You better hide
    Cuz (server’s name) is serving to your side
  5. Nowhere to run to
    Nowhere to hide
    Look out now
    (Server’s name) is serving to your side
  6. Toss it up,
    Spike it down
    Watch that ball
    Bounce off that ground
  7. Ace, Ace, baby!
  8. You just got served!
  9. You just got a taste of our A-C-E Ace!
  10. A{stomp} C{stomp} E{stomp} ace {stomp}
    {and land in the middle with your teammates}

Ace Chants

  1. Wooooosh (slide stepping in one direction), what was that?
    Woooooosh (slide stepping on the floor in the opposite direction), you hear that?
    Never worry, never fear.
    That’s just (server’s name)’s ball flying past your ear!
  2. Uno, dos, Uno dos tres
    This next serve’s gonna be an ACE!
  3. We want another one,
    Just like the other one
    Ace ace ace ace ace
  4. Ace
    In your face
  5. , ace ace in your face,
  6.  awosh ah ah awosh
  7. A – C – E ace, what what ace!
  9. Here’s our server, (player)’s her name!
    Watch her ACE and win this game!
    Goooooo, (player)!
  10. Uno dos tres, ace ace ace!
  11. O-V-E-R, Over the net (clap twice)
    Serve it, serve it
    Go (girl’s name that’s serving)!


It’s great to celebrate a block attempt and even better when the block is successful.

A successful block develops when a player (or player) in the front row jumps and makes contact with the ball before or just after it crosses the net. The ball is sent back into the court of the batter.

Block Cheers

  1. “You try to get
  2. All in our space
  3. We slam that ball
  4. Back in your face!”

Block Chants

  • “She said NO!!”
  • “De-NIED!!”
  • “Shingle, Shingle, ROOF!”
  • [Player who blocked] “BRICK.”
  • [Rest of the team] “WALL.”
  • Uhhhhh!” or “Nooooooo!”


In volleyball, a kill leads whenever an attack by any player on the team results in a point for that team. You win a point when your team blocks the other team from getting the ball back.

Kill Cheers

  1. Bump, set, spike it
    That’s the way we like it!
  2. Jump up and hit it
    That’s the way we get the

Kill Chants

  1. (clap clap) (stomp stomp) kill!
  2. Aaaahhh
    Kill kill kill
  3. Slam bam
    You can’t block that.
  4. “AHH, killaaa!”
  5. “Tick, Tick, BOOM!”


The most spectacular technique to score a point in volleyball is labeled a “spike,” It can have the crowd going wild and give the team a huge morale boost if the spectators cheer and chant after the spike have been made. The act of spiking is sometimes compared to a volleyball slam dunk.

Simply spike the ball to score a point by smashing the ball over the net at an upward or downward angle with significant force, simply spike the ball.

Spike Cheers

  • Tick



  • You gotta bump it

To set it

To spike it

To score it

  • Bump it

Set it

Spike it

That’s the way we like it

  • Bump




That’s the way we like to fight

  • Spike it to them!

Spike it to them!

Go, team, go

  • you gotta want it,

to win it.

, and we want it more!


  • You try to get

All in our space

We slam that ball

Back in your face!

  • Don’t try to get all in our space

Cause we’ll slam that ball back in your face


A “tip” pushes when players gently tip the ball over the goal with their fingers. Even if a tip isn’t as thrilling as some other volleyball plays, we still have a few chants and cheers for you to use still.

Tip Cheers

  1. Tip
  2. Tip tip hooray
    Tip tip hooray
    Tip tip hooray!

Chants and Cheers After the Game

After Game
After Game

The end of the game is no reason to cease cheering and chanting. The best work to celebrate a victory is to let the winning team know how much you value their efforts on the court.

Keep the team’s spirits up and show them how much you value their efforts, even if they didn’t come out on the team.

If your team just lost, you should use the chants 5, 7, 8, 10, and 11 from the first portion of this team (before the cheers); however, the cheers below are great if they just won.

  •  We’re turning up the heat

Cause when it comes to volleyball

We just can’t be beat!

  •  V-is for victory

I SAID V-is for victory

Slice that V

Dot that i

Rock that C-T-O-R-Y

  • Take it to the limit

Take it to the top

Cause we’re the Mighty [team name]

And we can’t be stopped

  • Excellence, perfection,

Teamwork and success

[Team name] varsity

A step above the rest

  • We’ll never be defeated

Cause we are the best

A step above the rest.

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