Why Do Beach Volleyball Players Wear Bikinis While Playing?

Playing beach volleyball with bikinis is a battle to the finish because it is competitive. Imagine the intensity of regular volleyball, multiplied by the heat of playing outside and the added resistance of sprinting through the sand.

It’s little wonder that beach volleyball players must carefully consider every facet of their performance, from their shoes to their shirts. The game’s emphasis on female submission has been contentious, as in other realms of public life where women are told what to do with their bodies.

The International Volleyball Federation updated its dress rule in 2020, anticipating the Summer Olympics in Tokyo, so that female players could play whatever uniform they preferred. 

Bikini for Women Beach Volleyball Players

A bikini is the most common athletic uniform for women who play beach volleyball. Some have argued that it is sexist to have women athletes play in bikinis while the males usually play in shorts and tank tops, while others say that bikinis are the most practical attire for the sport.

Due to a viral post that incorrectly named a squad protesting a beach handball dress code for playing beach volleyball, the focus protested in Tokyo to bikinis. 

Since beach handball is not an Olympic event, the European federation sanctioned the Norwegians for wearing shorts to a competition 5,500 miles away in Bulgaria to protest the sport’s requirement that women wear bikinis.

Checking the rule book

For Tokyo, the FIVB has issued a 22-page document outlining uniform requirements, from permitted fabrics and colors to player names and numbers and the size restrictions placed on sponsor logos. Compatibility is required for teammates as well.

Women’s clothing options include short sleeves, short skirts, short shorts; long skirts; long pants; long tops, tank tops, long sleeves for modesty, shorts, and a one-piece bathing suit or a bikini depicted in an appendix. When it gets cold, the males layer on long-sleeved shirts and tights to be warm, but otherwise, they wear tank tops and board shorts.

Teams with strict religious clothing policies also have alternatives.

According to the international association, “the FIVB beach volleyball uniform requirements allow for various possibilities.” “Beach volleyball is open to everyone, and these standardized rules will help keep our sport welcoming to people of all faiths and backgrounds.”

What about the guys?

Guys Dress in Beach Volleyball

Since its introduction to the Summer Olympics in Atlanta, the sand sport has featured both a women’s and men’s tournament. The women’s side of the sport has traditionally shared more attention, including prime-time U.S. TV slots.

When competing internationally or at the Olympics, the men wear tank tops or swimming trunks; however, when playing in the AVP domestic tour, they may play shirtless. It’s a decision made by many.

Bikinis are the preferred attire of some beach volleyball players.

Bikini Attire for Beach Volleyball Players

Like any professional athlete, beach volleyball players need nothing to go in the way of giving 100% on the court. So, it’s uncomfortable that they have top-notch equipment and don’t mess up their game by wearing something that could be irritating to them.

Beach volleyball players wear bikinis because they provide a high range of motion similar to that of tracksuit bottoms or diving swimwear and help prevent overheating and distraction from sand getting caught in clothing.

“I could never get used to playing in a one-piece. This was restricting my freedom of movement. “Jennifer Kessy, a silver medallist in beach volleyball, gave an interview to Today to elaborate. “I took fiddling with my one piece, which was not only awkward but also distracted me from my game.” 

Although some beach volleyball players may believe that bikinis are the most appropriate attire for competition, all athletes must be allowed to wear whatever clothing or equipment helps them to feel good, concentrate on the game, and give their best performance.

“It’s entirely up to the individual; having options allows you to find the one that suits you best. Athletes ought to be allowed to wear whatever they feel comfortable in and what helps them perform their best, “Kessie declared.

She also noted that the players’ outfits’ fit, fabric, and even color could all have a type on their play.

Beach volleyball isn’t the only sport with a bikini controversy.

Bikini Controversy For Volleyball

In beach volleyball and other international sports, non-athletes continue to dictate what female players can and should not wear in the sport.

Both women have lambasted Athletes in track and field, beach handball, and similar sports for competing in whichever clothing they find most convenient.

Female beach handball players are expected to bare their stomachs and wear bikini bottoms “that hug your curves and are cut at an obtuse angle to the top of your legs.” by the European Handball Association, despite uniform regulations allowing male players to wear shorts no lower than four inches from the knee.

In Norway, however, they are free to wear the tight shorts they were reprimanded for. The President of the Norwegian Handball Federation, Kre Geir Lio, blasted the rule as “embarrassing.” The team received a 1,500 euro (about $1,700) fine for the offense.

The Norwegian handball team, much as the volleyball players, sought to wear whatever was most comfortable for them, but the regulations of the sport still forbid this.


What about sand volleyball? Can you scoop?

Volleyball rules permit tipping with a closed hand. Tipping is a slow, soft play in volleyball designed to get past blocks and fool the other team’s defense. A tip is performed by pointing the very tips of the fingers upwards or by rapping the knuckles together.

When playing sand volleyball, what should you wear?

To stay calm and be able to wear directions on the court quickly, many beach volleyball players opt for loose, breezy clothes like tank tops and shorts. Many players choose to play by wearing shoes while playing. But since beach volleyball is typically played outdoors, the scorching sand can be dangerous to your feet.

What footwear is most suited for sand volleyball?

Take off your shoes and proceed barefoot. In beach volleyball, players often don’t wear shoes. Sand gets hot in the sun, so you may want to wear socks. However, barefoot play is the norm.

How do beach volleyball players do it if the sand is too hot to stand on?

Soles are often sand-friendly materials; some models even contain shock absorbers for extra comfort when jumping.

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